I am a father with kids in three different generations, a son in the 0-20 age group (14) another one in the 20-40 group (36), and another one in the 40 to 60 group (47), also a daughter (30). I’ve lived in four different countries in the course of my life and see the world from a slightly different perspective than many of my California friends that I am now engaged with. Today my hobbies are reading, writing and astronomy, to heck with arithmetic. I must also include traveling, watching films and building things in my hobby list. In earlier years my hobbies included playing basketball and diving. Vicariously I now live many adventures through the authors’ views and experiences. This information is sitting in the many books that are on my end tables, nightstand and scattered throughout my house. Lately I can’t read enough about history and astronomy. In regards to history, William Faulkner said, “the past is not dead, it isn’t even past.” In regards to astronomy my understanding of the subject lies somewhere between the “Mr.Rogers” of the cosmos, Carl Sagan, and the present day Einstein of our generation, Stephen Hawking. My political beliefs are split between the Libertarian, less or ‘no government’ philosophy and the Democrats leanings towards helping the poor. If it’s true that good judgment comes from bad experiences and most of that comes from bad judgment, then there is some hope for the other parties.


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