software glitch

I took the chance this morning…..Last night I was having a minor problem with the fx (special effects) in my editing software. It was a problem I could have lived with by not using those fx’s that were not acting completely right.There were only a couple being affected,  but, I was using this effect called radial blur and it wasn’t right. I have experienced similar problems in the past and went to the available help sites and forums. That takes about half a day for solutions, if your lucky. So I did what I have done before, it’s always scary because sometimes your work gets corrupted, even backing up things a few times to a few different drives, it can cause a lot of extra work. Well, after sleeping on it, I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it. The disc accepted my download again, sometimes this action can receive the response that you are not allowed another download. It’s a move by manufactures to prevent excessive downloads and thus software piracy. ‘Cheers’ to the old days, when discs didn’t know how many downloads were being done. I don’t steal software nor do I respect ‘piracy’, but sometimes this feature is a big hassle for me. In this case it all worked out fine, my fx problem is solved and I’m back in action.

I got a lot done yesterday, I’m now five and a half minutes. More reviewing tapes this morning and possibly setting up some interviews. I’m waiting for a call, the contact info on two subjects


About onfocusproductions

I'm a film and video producer who has led a very rich life. I'm quite grateful for the health and bounty that has come my way.
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