Diary of a documentary producer

On Focus Productions began in 1978, what a party it’s been for over 30 yrs. This will be my diary, my daily activities and my thoughts in this rapidly changing world.

Sunday, 4/15/12

Last night I set up a meeting with a Festival Producer for today to go over old footage that I have recorded in the past fifteen years. We will be searching for clips to make a short (5-10 min.) memorial tribute for a Jazz musician and close friend, Kahlil Shaheed. A wonderful human being, very spiritual and a giving person. He died this month and we will be making this video to show at a memorial tribute and gathering in Oakland this coming Sunday. Not much time, but I’ve done this before many times. The push is on….
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Began the “Kahlil” project. Gathered three shoeboxes full of tapes, most of them are the small mini DV tapes, but some went back to the days of shooting on Digital Hi-8, probably about about 100 hours of footage or more. I got some of George Wells still shots emailed over and began downloading last night into the Kahlil file.
I started the actual project by choosing some title options and script. This will probably change, I usually go through three or four opening changes on any project as it develops. I need to find the right music today. Of course it will be Kahlil. I feel that the opening of a doc is so important. Also found out that I will be able to conduct some interviews Sunday in Oakland.
On another note, I agreed to go with two other producers to Point Reyes National Seashore to shoot some Nature stuff. They have new DSLR cameras (G2) that they want to practice with. I haven’t taken that step yet to the DSLR move. I think they expect to learn something about nature shooting from me since I did so much nature shooting in Central America. Well my advice will be simple. Don’t be afraid to lay down on your belly, keep the camera rolling, and have patience. I know shooters that have been paid to sit in one spot for days on end waiting for one shot. I’ve sat up in a tree two nights in a row in Corcovado waiting for a a jaguar.


About onfocusproductions

I'm a film and video producer who has led a very rich life. I'm quite grateful for the health and bounty that has come my way.
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