What exactly does this word mean? In context you could be yelling HELP standing on a  window ledge of the thirtieth floor of a burning building  needing someone to save your life. Perhaps you only need help in the form of assistance to finish a task. Or maybe you just said, “I can’t help it”. Or maybe your part of the help at a restaurant. “So help me, I’d like to help out here, but I just can’t help myself to whatever help there is.

With that said I’ll now continue on with my newfound funthing, blogging. For blog#2 I again offer more help.  Remember ‘Making Movies?’ Let’s talk about my number one issue, the story……In retail sales the motto is ‘location, location, location’. In my mind in moviemaking the motto is ‘story, story, story’ , without a good story you shouldn’t even be here. Remember there are always ways to turn a bad story into a good story. Here’s an excerpt from my book on film production.

The Beginning

A tiny seed is floating through the air. This is the beginning of life. Such a small seed contains everything it needs to grow. This seed is sort of like an idea for a story, it has come from something bigger, from some body of knowledge or from some life experience. Somewhere along the line this tiny seed has been fertilized, made ready to open up into a new and much bigger form. Many films take root because someone has a compelling seed of an idea. Their idea is much like a small seed hitting a fertile piece of ground.

After a while with enough help from nature, the small seed shoots out its roots, asserts itself a position and begins to develop into its new life. This is how I look at a movie story. First an idea develops or a purpose calls us to make a film. If you have this manual in your hand, I can pretty much assume that you have either the idea or the purpose in mind. And now you need to nurture that idea. Acting as nature would, you need to pour some water onto your seed. The best thing you could have at hand that would be like nature’s rain is a big bucket of money. If you were doing a Hollywood feature film you would need more than a few big buckets, you’d need something like Lake Michigan to feed your hungry seed. Don’t fret, I’m here to show you how to do this with a small watering can.





About onfocusproductions

I'm a film and video producer who has led a very rich life. I'm quite grateful for the health and bounty that has come my way.
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